Friday, February 3, 2012

La mer

Pantai, la mer :)

tomorrow is our 4thmonthversary rite?why I post this now, because I have no internet conection, so I post it now, not in the mid nite, and I have to go to warnet :p
hahahaha yes, I knew, the time we went to the beach not even close with the day. But that is 4. Wait, I think we'll go to the beach today rite?with your friend, rite?hahahaha..

Whatever. This is our 4 :)

La mer, beach, pantai.
The wind and the sky.
A guitar.

Built to last :)

Taken by: VIVAZ (nyombong)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

a song for you all, my bestiest :)

Aku habis membaca posting salah seorang sahabatku di blognya, dan maafkan aku :')

Lalu kemudian aku membuat ini semalaman, semoga berguna :)
klik link di bawah ini ya :)