Monday, October 1, 2012

pms, maybe

have you ever feel the feeling like this?
when your besties and his lover that always been the strongest couple became week?until you felt her hurt so damn much?until you wanna cry and hug her so hard?
when at the same time your past came up in your current relation?found his way inside you and your lover even he didn't show his body?
when at the same time you feel so much love for your lover and found a way to hide all of your sad feeling deep in your heart all the time because you didn't want to lose him?
when at the same time your body couldn't have that strong spirit like your heart until your body got your heart and made it not that strong too?
when at the same time there are a lot of  business you have to do?

I feel it now,
and it makes me fu*king weak and cry so hard!

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